Going to the gym and staying motivated to reach your fitness goals can be tough! That’s why at GymNation we have made sure that we have the best personal trainers to help keep you motivated and to make sure that you make the most of your GymNation membership. We have partnered with Enhance Fitness, the leading personal training provider in the UAE, to give you access to the most qualified personal trainers in each GymNation location.

Every new GymNation member is entitled to a FREE Personal Training session with a GymNation personal trainer. If you have not yet received your FREE PT session yet, please register here and the team will be in touch with you to arrange.

Read on below to find out more about personal training at GymNation and how a personal trainer or fitness trainer can benefit you!


    PERSONAL<br> <span>TRAINER</span>


    Over 30% of GymNation members have never been to a gym before! Our personal trainers Dubai can help guide you on the correct workout routine you should adopt for your goals, and show you how to exercise in a safe and effective way. Whether you are completely new to exercise or just need to change up your current routine our personal trainer Dubai and personal trainer Abu Dhabi can help show you the way!


    Not getting any results with your current exercise routine or through your current gym trainer? Our personal trainers can quickly identify where you are going wrong so that you can start seeing immediate results from your training. We can help match you up with a personal trainer who understands what you want to achieve and can help push you further than you have ever gone before! Personal training at GymNation will help you live a longer, healthier, and fitter life!

    PERSONAL<br> <span>TRAINER</span>
    PERSONAL<br> <span>TRAINER</span>


    Exercising alone can be tough! Our personal trainers in Dubai will mix up your current routine and bring new challenges to the table. They will motivate you to succeed and give you that push to reach all the new goals that you set together. A GymNation personal trainer Abu Dhabi will help you to establish lifelong exercise habits, that will help you to reach all of your health and fitness goals, whilst at the same time guiding you along the way in a non-judgmental, fully supportive way! Need a female personal trainer Dubai? No problem, we can help you with that too!


    If you want to get fitter and healthier (and we assume you do otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this) you’ve probably been exposed to a wealth of knowledge from all different types of sources over the years.

    What you read in Women’s Health Magazine, may very much conflict with the latest thing Michelle Lewin is telling you on her Snapchat! The job of a personal trainer is to stay on top of all of these latest trends and decide which ones are right and relevant for you! It’s a confusing world out there, we just don’t know if high-intensity interval training always beats low-intensity steady-state cardio at all times of day, so let your PT decide! You just show up and do what you’re told by our highly experienced personal trainers

    PERSONAL<br> <span>TRAINER</span>
    PERSONAL<br> <span>TRAINER</span>


    It’s not about counting the amount of weight you lift, it’s about making the amount of weight you lift count! Your exercise form is really important, incorrect form puts you at risk of getting injured, and worse still-can even inhibit your progress.

    Youtube videos may well offer good form tips, but where a personal trainer really comes in handy is that they can give you that feedback while you are performing the exercise, and make noticeable adjustments to your technique in a live setting. GymNation personal fitness trainers will know what is right for you and can help manage any current injuries or niggle you may have to ensure you always get the most out of your training.