Dubais biggest fitness night club - Junk

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Every class is designed to make each workout fun, unique and powerful. We have 5 class types and 5 music genres to choose from. So, whatever your mood, we’ve got you covered!


JUNK bootcamp provides you with high-intensity, total body conditioning exercises, using both bodyweight and equipment, designed to strengthen and leave you with a lasting burn. Tighten those abs, burn fat and get rid of the junk in your trunk.


The JUNK fitness class that packs a punch! Let your body mimic the beat as you take on this high energy box fit class – high knees, powerful jabs and stealthy movements come together to create a full body workout, improving both stamina and coordination.


We WANT you on our “dance” floor. This addictive fitness class is designed with FUN in mind. Our Dance MC will lead you through this FUN, calorie-burning, mood enhancing, electrifying workout.


JUNK Yoga will take you through a series of poses and salutations designed to relieve stress, improve posture, increase flexibility and to strengthen and tone the body. Channel the zen from within with our hypnotic- meditative yoga or join us for a blood pumping, body sculpting- high intensity power yoga.


Our JUNK version of cycling is the only rave without a comedown. Our instructors will take you through an energetic, sensory journey giving you full-body workout as you tackle a series of powerful sprints and quad burning climbs.


Our set lists have been carefully curated by our DJ, to help you get the most from your workout.,
From 90’s classics to cheesy pop to R&Beat, there’s something in here for everyone!